Ruby (Manik) Stone - 2.95 carats

Ruby i.e. Manik stone Yash is also called Gemstone, it is called king among all gems, this hardness is very good and of high quality, there is always a positive change in the person who wears it.

Ruby Gemstone represents the planet Sun and imparts good health and strength to the wearer. The best Ruby Gems are known to generate liveliness and bring spark in human nature. It alleviates gloomy mood and sadness, replacing it with a vibrating mood. It is believed that Ruby gem is effective in safeguarding a person from evil spirits, along with enhancing financial stability. Individuals with the weak placement of Sun in their Kundli or birth-chart can wear this stone to get relief from malefic effects of the Planet. It also enhances the power of the Sun for natives with benefic Sun. Before wearing this powerful gemstone it is recommended to consult a qualified Astrologer. Also, only genuine, natural and original Ruby stone should be worn to garner the maximum Astrological benefits of this super stone. For Astrological purposes, it is worn as Ruby gemstone Rings, Ruby or Ruby stone Bracelets in Gold or Silver.

Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik):

The universal astrological popularity of the Yellow Sapphire gemstone has given it many names world over. It is called Pukhraj stone or Pukhraj Ratna, Guru Ratan, Pushkaraj stone, Pushparagam stone, Kanakapushyaragam stone, and Peetamani in Sanskrit. It is associated with the planet Jupiter and is suggested for the Zodiac Signs Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meena). Yellow Sapphire gemstone is the birthstone for people born in the beginning of summer (June 21 - July 21).

Ruby (Manik) Stone Benefits

Ruby healing properties stand for power, passion, prosperity, fame, energy, vitality and also possess important metaphysical spiritual properties of this majestic gemstone. Another significant metaphysical property is its Astrological benefits.

In Vedic Astrology, the Manik stone is ruled by the superpower Planet, Sun and its Astrological use have served many with the blessed outcome. Being the life-giver, the Sun's power cannot be denied in the existence of beings on Earth. Charged.

Original Manik stone is suitable for Leo (Singh) Rashi, Aries(Mesh) and Sagittarius(Dhanu) Rashi. It is said to be good for Leo or Singh Rashi as Leo governed by the Sun.

Who Should Wear Ruby (Manik) Stone?

Metal: Silver and Gold 
Finger: ring finger
Day & Time: Sunday, early morning between 5-7 am.
Mantra & Chanting Times: 'Om Surya Namah’, "ॐ सूर्याय नम:" । (108 times)


Color: Red
Weight: 2.95 carat (0.60 gms)
Shape: Oval
Specific Gravity: 4
Refractive Index: 1.760 - 1.770
Size: 11x7x4 mm
Indian Trade Name: Ruby (Manik)
Origin : Burma

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Ruby (Manik) Stone - 2.95 carats




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