-57% Yellow Topaz Pendant in Panchdhatu

Yellow Topaz Pendant in Panchdhatu The enchanting synthetic Yellow Topaz Pendant in Panchdhatu - a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern craftsmanship. Let me delve into the astrological significance of this captivating piece.

The yellow topaz, a gemstone associated with the planet Jupiter, holds immense power in Vedic astrology. Jupiter, known as Guru, is the planet of wisdom, expansion, and spiritual growth. By wearing this pendant, you are harnessing the blessings of this benevolent planet, which can bring abundance, prosperity, and a deeper understanding of the cosmic order.

The Panchdhatu, or the five-metal alloy, is a revered combination in Vedic traditions. It comprises five essential elements - brass, aluminium, copper, iron, and zinc - each representing a different planetary energy. This intricate blend creates a synergistic effect, amplifying the positive influences and mitigating the negative ones.

The pendant's design, with its intricate patterns and symbols, further enhances its metaphysical properties. The intricate workmanship speaks to the skill and dedication of the artisans who crafted this piece, imbuing it with a profound sense of reverence and sacredness.

When worn with intention and respect, this synthetic Yellow Topaz Pendant in Panchdhatu can serve as a powerful talisman, attracting abundance, wisdom, and spiritual growth. It can help you navigate the complexities of life with a heightened sense of clarity and purpose, aligning your energy with the benevolent forces of the universe.

Stone: Synthetic Yellow Topaz
Metal: Panchdhatu
Size: 18 x 12 x 6 mm
Weight: 2.3 grams approx

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Yellow Topaz Pendant in Panchdhatu




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Steven Haefs, USA 26/02/2019

Parcel arrived 3 days earlier than estimated. I've never received a shipment packed with such care. I'll be submitting exceedingly favorable feedback on OM POOJA Shop's product as well...

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Excellent website & good service..