Camphor / Dhoop

Camphor / Dhoop

In any Hindu Puja and Yagna very essential part Kapur or camphor and Dhoop is believed that when Dhup and kapur are burnt, they eliminate the negative and evil energies in the atmosphere. Dhoop in available in several divine fragrances, which will not only eliminate the negative energies, but also spread fragrance in your house.

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Bhimsen Kapur

Bhimseni camphor is used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient time. Camphor is most often used for sp..

INR: 120 Ex Tax: INR: 120

Bhimseni Kapur (Camphor) Powder

Bhimseni camphor is used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient time. It is heavier than Chinese campho..

INR: 125 Ex Tax: INR: 125

Dhoop Khada - 250 Grams

Dhoop Khada gives dense and aromatic smoke, which is then taken around in the house and held in all ..

INR: 450 Ex Tax: INR: 450

Gugal Dhoop ( Myrrh ) - 250 Grams

Gugal Dhoop ( Myrrh ) is natural dhoop for generate aromatic fragrance while burning daily. The..

INR: 900 Ex Tax: INR: 900

Kapur Camphor Balls

Flattened Kapur balls skillfully made from pure and natural ingredients will enhance your puja exper..

INR: 300 Ex Tax: INR: 300

Loban Dhoop (Benzoin) Powder

Uses: While performing puja burn a Dhoop and offer to deity, upon the completion of puja take dhoop ..

INR: 115 Ex Tax: INR: 115

Musk Charcoals Pack of 6 New

Musk Charcoals Pack of 6

Hamil Al Musk Quicklight Hookah Charcoal which provides your hookah sessions the longevity and the c..

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