Pooja Grains Seeds

Pooja Grains Seeds
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Akshata (Rice, Chaval) Grains

Akshata (Rice, Chaval) Grains means unbroken rice grains, which are offered to gain wealth and prosp..

INR: 30 Ex Tax: INR: 30

Barley (Jow) Grains For Havan, Health

These Jow (Barley) grains symbolize abundance and prosperity, used in havan ceremonies. They are spr..

INR: 40 Ex Tax: INR: 40

Black Sesame Seeds (Til) for Worship and Health

These Black Sesame (Til) seeds are used for purifying the body and Healing. Water boiled with these ..

INR: 72 Ex Tax: INR: 72

Black Urad

Back (kala) Urad in havan ceremonies and prayer rituals for offering, for protetion from enemies, ba..

INR: 45 Ex Tax: INR: 45

Navadhanya (Mix of Nine Grains)

Navadhanya (Mix of Nine Grains)  mix of 9 types of grains symbolising abundance and prosperity...

INR: 290 Ex Tax: INR: 290

Tulsi Seeds (Beej)

Tulsi seeds (beej) very useful in Ayurveda, Tulsi or Basil leaves is a small light green to dar..

INR: 160 Ex Tax: INR: 160

Yellow Mustard (Sarso) Seeds

Yellow Mustard (Pili Sarso, Raiy) use in haven ceremonies and prayer rituals for offering, to signif..

INR: 60 Ex Tax: INR: 60