Pooja Grains Seeds

Pooja Grains Seeds
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Agar Wood Stick

Agar wooden sticks are used in rituals. It is used in puja/rituals.The practice of burning fragrant wood in the form of incense has been going on for thousands of years in Sanatan culture. By burning incense wood, that is, by burning this agar wood, consciousness reaches a higher level in some people and inner peace is attained.Agar wood is considered a very valuable material by many religious groups such as Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Taoists and Christians. It is said that if the wood of the w..

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Akshata (Rice, Chaval) Grains

Akshata (Rice, Chaval) Grains means unbroken rice grains, which are offered to gain wealth and prosperity. They are offered to the deities whilst chaint mantras.Akshata Various substances are used in the puja ritual with an objective of attracting deity principles on a large scale and within a short period. Thus the worshipper is maximally benefitted. However if all the substances are not available daily, there is one ingredient which lets us receive all the benefits of a puja ritual and that is..

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Barley (Jow) Grains For Havan, Health

These Jow (Barley) grains symbolize abundance and prosperity, used in havan ceremonies. They are sprouted during Navratri times and other Hindu festival times to signify abundance and growth...

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Black Sesame Seeds (Til) for Worship and Health

These Black Sesame (Til) seeds are used for purifying the body and Healing. Water boiled with these seeds makes body pure. Black til is mixed in either milk/water and then offered to Lord Shiva in the form of Abhishek. It is equivalent to doing abhishek with punchamitra. This seed is very dear to the pitrs. Shastras say that it make the person cross the Vaitarini - the sea of bad karma. One has to cross the Vaitarini to reach Vaikunta, During the shraadh ceremony the kartha makes a special offer..

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Black Urad

Back (kala) Urad in havan ceremonies and prayer rituals for offering, for protetion from enemies, bad luck and negativity. Also donated on Saturday to appease planet Saturn...

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Jatamansi Herb

Jatamansi is also called Musk root. Jatamansi is a flowering herb that belongs to the family Valerianaeae. The scientific name of the plant is NARDOSTACHYS JATAMANSI.  Jatamansi Herb is used as an offering in Homa/yagna/pooja rituals. It makes the yagna/havan more powerful and attract auspiciousness. Jatamansi is also considered as the divine plant in Ayurveda and is used as an air purifier. It also helps in enhancing memory and treating mental instability. This herb is well known..

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Khus | Wala | Vetiver Roots | Vala

Khus | Wala | Vetiver Roots | Vala is an ayurvedi herb. Which is is used as an offering in the yagna fire. IIt makes the yagna more powerful and brings auspiciousness.Weight: 50 grams..

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Nagarmotha|Sedge Root | Cyperus Rotundus

It is an ayurvedi herb with a very high quality aroma. Which is used to perform Havan in Havanakund. It is used as an offering in the yagna fire. Nagarmotha also known as Sedge Root and cyperus rotundus. It is used in puja/rituals...

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Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea)

Nagkesar is also call Mesua ferrea. Nag Kesar is herb herbs while use as homa and puja. Nagkesar is mostaly used to worship of Lord Shiva, Goddess MahaLakshmi, Lord Shani. Highly fragrant natural herb, is used in pooja/rituals. It is also used in Shiv pooja. It is also used as an offering in yagna/havan. It makes the yagna/havan more powerful and attract auspiciousness.To attract the goddess Maha Laxmi put the black turmeric, Mesua Ferrea or nag kesar in the silver box and apply the re..

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Navadhanya (Mix of Nine Grains)

Navadhanya (Mix of Nine Grains)  mix of 9 types of grains symbolising abundance and prosperity. Used in havan ceremonies and all prayer rituals for offering to Gods. It is later sprinkled in earth and left to sprout...

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Tagar Herb

Exotic Hawan / Homa / havan herb item named Tagar, is used as an offering in the yagna fire. It makes the yagna more powerful and brings auspiciousness. Tagar is a hairy herb that grows in the temperate regions of the Himalayas and Khasia.It is a herb known in the Himalayan hills. Burning it in a havan purifies the environment. The mind remains calm. It also has ayurvedi jaggery, which eliminates many physical problems.Tagar roots help in reducing anxiety and improving sleep as it relaxes the ce..

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Tulsi Seeds (Beej)

Tulsi seeds (beej) very useful in Ayurveda, Tulsi or Basil leaves is a small light green to dark purple colored plant, which is often seen to be grown in front off or near houses. Talking about its medicinal properties, Tulsi is classified as an adaptogen: It adapts itself to whatever ailment the body is experiencing. Name any body part, beginning from your head, eyes, mouth, throat, stomach, or kidney, Tulsi has a use for it. HOW TO GROW:Mix Manure with soil (30:70),and this will help in g..

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Yellow Mustard (Sarso) Seeds

Yellow Mustard (Pili Sarso, Raiy) use in haven ceremonies and prayer rituals for offering, to signify destructions of enemies and removal of obstacles...

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