Puja Items

Puja Items

Om Pooja Shop has been supplying quality Puja items since 2012 which are selected for their authentic ingredients as per scriptures. Buy online Hindu Puja Goods at best price from India in all over the world for seeking blessings of god and goddess in your life. 

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Abhiyang Powder for Deity Abhishek

Abhiyang Powder for Deity Abhishek is prepared by mixture of 5 different items: Avla, Sandal, Rose W..

INR: 140 Ex Tax: INR: 140

Akshata (Rice, Chaval) Grains

Akshata (Rice, Chaval) Grains means unbroken rice grains, which are offered to gain wealth and prosp..

INR: 30 Ex Tax: INR: 30

Ashtagandha Powder

Ashtagandha Powder is created by mixing of natural BrasKapoor, Haldi, Kesar, Kapoor Kachli, Itr..

INR: 160 Ex Tax: INR: 160

Barley (Jow) Grains For Havan, Health

These Jow (Barley) grains symbolize abundance and prosperity, used in havan ceremonies. They are spr..

INR: 40 Ex Tax: INR: 40

Bhimsen Kapur

Bhimseni camphor is used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient time. Camphor is most often used for sp..

INR: 120 Ex Tax: INR: 120

Bhimseni Kapur (Camphor) Powder

Bhimseni camphor is used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient time. It is heavier than Chinese campho..

INR: 125 Ex Tax: INR: 125

Big Vishnu Kaudi / Cowry Shell set of 2

Vishnu Kaudi / Cowry Shell is symbol of Goddess Lakshim, it is very Rare that is used as money, a co..

INR: 550 Ex Tax: INR: 550

Black Cotton Dhoti with Angavastram for Men

Black Cotton Dhoti with Angavastram for Men, this vastram is used in Maha Kali pooja or other ceremo..

INR: 1,875 Ex Tax: INR: 1,875

Black Dhoti with Shawl in Pure Silk with Golden Border

In some regions, a dhot? is tucked at five places on the waist. These five places are the symbols of..

INR: 1,300 Ex Tax: INR: 1,300

Black Gunja / Chirmi Beads

Black Gunja / Chirmi Beads are supposed to be very pious. Black chirmi beads represent Goddess Mahak..

INR: 280 Ex Tax: INR: 280

Black Sesame Seeds (Til) for Worship and Health

These Black Sesame (Til) seeds are used for purifying the body and Healing. Water boiled with these ..

INR: 72 Ex Tax: INR: 72

Black Urad

Back (kala) Urad in havan ceremonies and prayer rituals for offering, for protetion from enemies, ba..

INR: 45 Ex Tax: INR: 45

Blowing Shankh

A Original Blowing (bajane wala) Shankh is a conch shell of ritual and religious importance in Hindu..

INR: 2,800 Ex Tax: INR: 2,800

Darbha Grass Set

Darbha Grass / Kusha Grass set has been tied up by hand with pure cotton red and yellow thread (kala..

INR: 110 Ex Tax: INR: 110

Dhoop Khada - 250 Grams

Dhoop Khada gives dense and aromatic smoke, which is then taken around in the house and held in all ..

INR: 450 Ex Tax: INR: 450

Divine Pooja Blowing Shankha for Aarti

Divine Pooja Blowing Shankha for Blowing in puja and aarti. The natural Shankh which has hand c..

INR: 5,500 Ex Tax: INR: 5,500

Diwali Poojan Samagri / Kit

Diwali Poojan Samagri / Kit / materials are required to perform the Diwali Poojan. Few important thi..

INR: 2,350 Ex Tax: INR: 2,350

Flower Carving Natural Blowing Shankha

Flower Carving Natural Blowing Shankha for Blowing / Bajanewala in puja and aarti. The nat..

INR: 5,700 Ex Tax: INR: 5,700

Ganesh Puja Kit

The complete Puja Samagri which is Uses in Lord Ganesh Puja or Ganpati Festival. This Ganesh Puja ki..

INR: 1,550 Ex Tax: INR: 1,550

Gaumukhi Jaap Mala Bag

Gaumukhi Oval Shape Jaap Mala Bag (Mantra Chanting Bag) set is made of cotton cloth with Shree Krish..

INR: 120 Ex Tax: INR: 120

Gaumukhi Shankh

Gaumukhi Shankh / Cow Face Conch for Blowing in puja and aarti. It is a conch shell of rit..

INR: 1,920 Ex Tax: INR: 1,920

Gomati Chakra

These Natural Gomati Chakra helps to remove vastu dosh and bring good life, Wealth and prosperity. G..

INR: 185 Ex Tax: INR: 185

Gomutra (Cow Urine) for Puja

Gomutra (Cow Urine) is an important part of many Indian rituals or daily puja. Gomutra  ha..

INR: 20 Ex Tax: INR: 20

Gugal Dhoop ( Myrrh ) - 250 Grams

Gugal Dhoop ( Myrrh ) is natural dhoop for generate aromatic fragrance while burning daily. The..

INR: 900 Ex Tax: INR: 900

Haldi (Turmeric ) Powder for Puja

Haldi Powder for Puja: Haldi / Turmeric is considered highly auspicious in India and has been u..

INR: 40 Ex Tax: INR: 40

Hartalika Teej Puja Kit

Hartalika Teej Puja Kit: An auspicious occasion for the Hindus, Hartalika Teej that will be observed..

INR: 1,550 Ex Tax: INR: 1,550

Holy Ash Vibhuti in Solid Form

Holy Ash Vibhuti in Solid Form this solid form's Vibhuti Bhasm / Vibhuti Powder / Bibhuti Bhasm..

INR: 50 Ex Tax: INR: 50

Holy Gangajal Water from Gangotri

Holy Gangajal Water from Gangotri / Pavitra Gangajal from Gangotri river. it has and alway..

INR: 50 Ex Tax: INR: 50

Holy Pooja Powders Set

Holy Fragrant Pooja Powders Set: This Powders set are includes Kumkum, Gulal, Black Abir, Haldi, Sin..

INR: 200 Ex Tax: INR: 200

Holy Sutar Thread (Dora)

Holy Sutar Thread (Dora) is made of 100% natural White cotton thread. These thread used in Vat Savit..

INR: 100 Ex Tax: INR: 100

Janeu Yagnopavit Threads set of 5

Small Janeu Yagnopavit Thread is made of 100% pure fine cotton for use in puja. The Janayu is a regi..

INR: 100 Ex Tax: INR: 100

Kapur Camphor Balls

Flattened Kapur balls skillfully made from pure and natural ingredients will enhance your puja exper..

INR: 300 Ex Tax: INR: 300

Kapus Vastra

Kapus Vastra is made of 100% pure cotton for offering to Gods and Goddesses after Snan/Abhishek as V..

INR: 30 Ex Tax: INR: 30

Kasturi Turmeric Powder

Kasturi Turmeric Powder is made from natural wild turmeric and Naag Kesar flower is must have puja a..

INR: 419 Ex Tax: INR: 419

Kumkum Powder

Kumkum Powder made from natural ingredients. Kumkum is applied to the forehead. After applied kumkum..

INR: 30 Ex Tax: INR: 30

Laghu Nariyal (Small Coconut)

Shri Sidh Laghu Nariyal or Small Coconut is found in very little quantity near sea-shore coconut tre..

INR: 60 Ex Tax: INR: 60

Lakshmi Puja Kit

Om Pooja Shop presents Lakshmi Puja Kit for the worship of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. This is comple..

INR: 2,200 Ex Tax: INR: 2,200

Laxmi Natural Lotus Seeds (Kamal Gatta) Mala

This Mala designed with natural Lotus  (Kamal Gatta) seeds (bij) for Puja and japa purpose.It i..

INR: 370 Ex Tax: INR: 370

Loban Dhoop (Benzoin) Powder

Uses: While performing puja burn a Dhoop and offer to deity, upon the completion of puja take dhoop ..

INR: 115 Ex Tax: INR: 115

Long Cotton Wicks (Diya Batti)

100% Pure Long Cotton Wicks (Diya Batti) made of pure cotton for every puja ceremony. These Long Cot..

INR: 30 Ex Tax: INR: 30