-57% Emerald Pendant in Panchdhatu

Emerald Pendant in Panchdhatu. This synthetic emerald (panna) stone pendant which is made of panchdhatu metal a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern craftsmanship.

A Ruby Pendant in Panchdhatu is a jewelry piece that features a ruby gemstone set in Panchdhatu alloy. Panchdhatu is an alloy made from five metals: brass, aluminium, copper, zinc, and iron. The combination of these metals creates a durable and beautiful setting for the ruby gemstone.

The ruby gemstone itself holds significant meaning and symbolism. Rubies have been treasured for centuries in various cultures around the world. They are often associated with power, passion, love, courage, and vitality. In many ancient civilizations, rubies were believed to invigorate the body and mind due to their fiery red color, which was often linked to the blood that flowed through the veins.

Wearing a Ruby Pendant in Panchdhatu can be a way to express personal style while carrying symbolic significance. It can add elegance and charm to any outfit, whether it's for casual or formal occasions. The deep red color of the ruby pendant can complement various wardrobe choices and enhance personal style.

Stone: Synthetic Emerald (Panna)
Metal: Panchdhatu
Size: 18 x 12 x 6 mm
Weight: 1.49 grams approx

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Emerald Pendant in Panchdhatu




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Ashana Lall, Canada 29/09/2019

Trishul Pendant in Pure Sterling Silver - Very beautiful and of her good quality...

Poonam Bhogale 27/05/2021

Thank you so much for the pooja items I had ordered dhoti n chunri they are of top quality and they were delivered to me in time.... Thank you henceforth whenever I have to shop for pooja items or clo..