Navgraha Samidha Small Pack

Navgraha Samidha Small Pack has collected from the confluence of the holy rivers. This Samidha is useful for Navgraha Pooja/Yagna/homa to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies of these planets. Navgraha Samidha Pack is collection of the nine planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the  markers of influence that point out the karmic influence on the behaviour of living beings.

There are 9 sticks each representing one of the Navgrahas:

1. Ark for Sun

2. Palash for Moon

3. Khadir for Mars

4. Peepal for Jupiter

5. Apamarga for Mercury

6. Audambar for Venus

7. Sami for Saturn

8. Durva for Rahu

9. Kush for Ketu

Weight each pack: 50 grams approx
Available Options:
Navgraha Samidha Small Pack - set of 1
Total Quantity: 1 set (9 sticks)
Navgraha Samidha Small Pack - set of 3
Total Quantity: 3 set (27 sticks)
Navgraha Samidha Small Pack - set of 9
Total Quantity: 9 set (81 sticks)

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Navgraha Samidha Small Pack


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Ritu Vuish, India 20/07/2018

I am so happy about Nice product, good service I just can recommend OM POOJA SHOP for everybody. I really enjoy the Puja items, Brass Idol, and also get the amazing benefits from 14 Mukhi Rudraksha...

Priyanka Mahajan, USA 06/02/2018

Thank you I've received holy Rudraksha beads, It is Natural Rudraksha beads and also found Lord Ganesha free gift, Thanks for your gift. I recommend OM POOJA SHOP for everybody...