White Coral (Munga) - Capsule - 7.65 carat

White Coral is capable of correcting both Mars and Moon planets. Original White Coral Stone (Safed Moonga / Munga) is an important astrological gemstone due to its association with the dominating planet- Mars. Hence, it is important to ensure that Mars is favorably placed in native’s birth-chart, before wearing Safed Moonga. Some astrologers connect white Munga ratna with planet Venus because of its white color. But it is astrologically not relevant

Vedic astrology recommends Safed Moonga ratna for Mesha (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) rashi.

Western astrology prescribes Safed Moonga birthstone for Scorpio sign.

Safed Moonga ratna can also be worn by Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer and Leo ascendants.

White (Safed Moonga) Stone Benefits

Also known as ‘Shwet Praval’ in Sanskrit, white Munga gemstone is regarded as a highly beneficial rashi ratan. As per sacred vedas, Safed Moonga gemstone is quite effective for natives who are under the influence of weak Mars. In medical astrology, white coral is known to be extremely beneficial in strengthening wearer’s immunity and restoring peace of mind.

Promotes Financial Stability – It is believed that wearing white coral stone benefits people dealing with financial problems. The positive energy of Safed Moonga benefits individuals to overcome the financial crisis by bringing new opportunities.

Controls Anger & Strengthens Determination – Regarded as the stone of wisdom, White Moonga gemstone benefits people who find it difficult to control their temper and negative emotions. It helps liberate the negative energies from the body, and restores calmness and inner peace.

Cures Respiratory & Blood related Ailments – White Moonga benefits surpass every other gemstone when it comes to improving the wearer’s circulatory and respiratory health. Certain Ayurvedic texts also recommend Safed Moonga to people suffering from blood related disorders, jaundice, bronchitis, asthma etc.

Bestows Progeny Bliss - In alternate healing therapies, it is believed that white coral benefits pregnant women by bestowing positive energies and thereby by helping reduce their emotional stress This gemstone can also be worn by the infants suffering from malnourishment or poor appetite.


Color: White
Weight: 7.65 carat (1.52 gm)
Shape: Oval
Refractive Index: 1.550 spot
Specific Gravity: 2.7
Size: 15x10x6 mm

Indian Trade Name: Mangal/Moonga

Identification Remark: "Natural Coral"

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White Coral (Munga) - Capsule - 7.65 carat




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