Guru (Jupiter / Brihaspati) Yantra Locket / Pendant in Pure Copper

This Yantra Locket / Pendant of planet Guru (Jupiter / Brihaspati), made by astrological science, is made in pure copper. There is Jupiter Yantra on one side and Guru Deity photo on other side. A Jupiter Yantra or Guru Yantra can prove to be effective and provide best results if it is properly purified, energized and activated by the means of specific Vedic procedures and performed by an expert Pandit ji or you can energized your self also.

It can be worn around the neck as a Pendant. A Jupiter Yantra or Guru Yantra should be established on Thursday and kept at the pooja sthal of your house or worn as a pendant.

After having a bath, chant the Guru beej mantra 11 or 21 times. Sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on the Jupiter Yantra. Pray to Planet Jupiter or Guru Planet and ask to bless you your specific or desired results.

Then establish the Jupiter Yantra in your house or wear it as a pendant around your neck. To get the best results from the Guru Yantra Pendant, hold it in your hands after having a bath, concentrate on it and chant the Beej Mantra of Planet Jupiter 11 times and ask your desires from it. A strong relationship or contact between you and your Guru Yantra can be established if you regularly worship your Guru Yantra with devotio

Physical profile and nature - The person in whose Lagna Bhava the Dev Guru himself is situated, then that person is lucky. Due to its effect, the personality of the people becomes beautiful and attractive. Such persons are highly educated, knowledgeable and have liberal views. Under the influence of the Guru, a person becomes religious and does charity. The person enjoys traveling and the person is eager to get spiritual knowledge. If Jupiter is situated in the first house in the birth chart, then money comes in the life of the person and he wears gems and gold.

Effects of Bali Jupiter - We know that Cancer is the exalted sign of Jupiter. Therefore, Jupiter will be strong in this zodiac. Under the influence of Bali Guru, the person will get benefits in various fields. The native will be top in the field of education. Money will increase in his life. The person will take interest in worship. The person whose Guru is strong, he is knowledgeable and honest. He always walks on the path of truth. A person gets child happiness due to a strong Guru.

Effect of afflicted Guru - Due to strong Moon, one gets auspicious results from the Guru. But on the contrary Jupiter afflicted is not considered good for the natives. Due to this the native has to face challenges in various fields. If a person is associated with the education sector, then he will face problems in this field. Due to the afflicted Guru, the growth of a person stops and his values ​​deteriorate. The afflicted Guru also inflicts physical pain on the person. The person has to face problems in job and marriage etc. In this situation one should take astrological remedies of Guru.

Diseases - In astrology, the planet Jupiter puts a person at risk of stomach-related diseases, indigestion, stomach pain, acidity, weak digestive system, and cancer.

Benefits of Guru Yantra Locket:

  • The Guru Yantra is gifted to the disciple by the guru for worshipping and getting blessings for good health and rise in wealth, professional or educational status.
  • It helps in reducing the negative effects of the malefic Jupiter and providing positive effects.
  • It helps in curing diseases such as heart attack, diabetes.
  • This helps in blessing a person with good fortune.
  • Guru Yantra can be used for good knowledge and financial prosperity.

Material: Pure Copper
Dimensions: 20 mm (Length) x 18 mm (Width in the center) x 2 mm (Thickness)
Weight: 8 grams
Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha!!

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Guru (Jupiter / Brihaspati) Yantra Locket / Pendant in Pure Copper




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