Black Cowry (Kala Kaudi)

There are 100% original magical Black Cowry / Kaali Kaudi /  Kawdi. We have the worship of Mata Mahakali and Kaal Bhairav with the original Kali Kauri. It is believed that Mata Mahakali and Kaal Bhairav reside in Kala Kauri. By keeping this cowry, negative energy does not enter the house and magic, sorcery, witchcraft, get eliminated. Kala Kauri is considered to be very shining and very powerful style cowry, it is found in very less quantity.

Significance of Black Cowry (Kala Kaudi):

  • Black Kaudi helps protect from negative energies of black magic and relieves the native from the clutches of tantra.
  • Black Kaudi is also used during the pooja of the Das-Mahavidyaa Ten Supreme forms of the mother Goddess.
  • Many spiritual and tantrik pooja processes are completed successfully with the aid of Black Cowrie.
  • In Astrology, Black Kaudi is used to balance the planetary effect of Saturn and the malefic effects of Ketu and Rahu.
  • Keeping 11 Black Kaudi / peeli kawdi in one’s pooja place or altar bestows the blessings of Goddess Maha Kaali.
  • On the auspicious occassion of Diwali night and every Amawasya, Black Kaudi must be kept at pooja place after wrapping in black cloth. This ensures protection from spirits and black magic.
  • People suffering from chronic diseases and the problem of mental depression get a significant relief when Kaudi is kept in the South West of their room.

How to usage of Black Cowry (Kala Kaudi):

  • Black Kaudi must be wrapped in a black cloth to get the fullest benefits.
  • Ensure that the black kaudi has smooth edges and is not broken on the sides.

Size of each: 1 to 1.25  inches approx
Weight of each: 10  grams approx

Note: Natural shell and each item's shape and size may vary.

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Black Cowry (Kala Kaudi)




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